teamwork get with the program or else poster

What types of posters do you carry?

We carry mostly funny posters that poke fun at everyday life. Funny motivational and funny inspirational posters are currently our main creative outlets for blowing off steam.

In what sizes and aspect ratios do your posters come?

All posters start out with aspect ratios of either 4:5 or 5:4, depending on the design. Our four standard sizes are as follows:

  1. Portfolio (11" x 14" or 14" x 11")
  2. Small (15" x 19" or 19" x 15")
  3. Large (23" x 29" or 29" x 23")
  4. Huge (35" x 44" or 44" x 35")

Note: If these sizes are not quite what you're looking for, you can always change your poster's dimensions to whatever you like before making your final purchase.

How do I purchase a poster on this website?

When you find a poster you like anywhere on this website, click on the image and you will be taken to a corresponding product webpage on our shop at zazzle.com. From there, you can further customize the poster, if desired, and purchase it in whatever size and on whatever paper you like, with or without a frame. For more information, click on "How To Order" on the menu above.

What are motivational posters?

Motivational posters are a fixture in many companies, schools, and other organizations. These types of posters usually have a one-word theme or title, such as attitude, teamwork, or change, with a caption that reinforces the theme. They are meant to impel the viewer to take a certain desired action or act in a certain way in harmony with the organization of which s/he is currently a part. Workplace motivational posters typically have a thick black border surrounding a breathtakingly beautiful nature picture or photo. The themes are mostly office-related, and the overall tone is generally cheery but vapid. (If there is any attempt at humor, it is feeble at best.)

Workplace motivational posters have long inspired parodies (not to mention fear, loathing, distrust, derision, and rage) because they often come across as pompous, patronizing, preachy, cheesy, and sanctimonious. Many motivational posters themes have become tiresome clichés that really grate on the nerves and stick in the craw of many a downtrodden employee, especially in hard economic times.

Motivational posters may sometimes be referred to as inspirational posters.

What are inspirational posters?

Motivational posters and inspirational posters are almost synonymous, except that the latter may also address certain themes, such as hope, happiness, or love, which are not as action-oriented as those typically found in motivational posters. Whereas it is probably safe to say that all motivational posters are meant to be inspirational as well as motivational, not all inspirational posters are intended to motivate, as their objective may be merely to put the viewer in a better frame of mind without necessarily impelling him/her to act or be a certain way.

When you say "funny motivational posters," what do you mean?

Funny motivational posters are spoofs of motivational posters. Over the years, parodied motivational posters have become an Internet meme, and there are almost as many different types as there are creators. One of the most popular is demotivational posters or demotivators® originated by despair.com. The main message of many of these posters is that any action taken towards meeting a given goal (as featured in a poster) is, at best, futile and, at worst, will lead to a bad outcome. These posters are as close as one can get to being the true “opposite” of motivational posters.

Other types of funny motivational posters are possible, including those in which

Funny motivational posters go by many different names, e.g., uninspirational posters, deinspirational posters, demotional posters, motival posters, demotivationals posters, unmotivational posters, demotival posters, motivationals posters, and demoralizing posters. Whatever you call them, they all have one thing in common, which is to inspire laughter.

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